For many years I have had an interest in natural medicine – the use of herbs and the mind body connection. My focus is herbal and energy medicine and the connection between thought, beliefs and health.

I am a Reiki Master and much of my work uses shamanic principles.

I work only online.

My present interest is in the effect Covid-19 is having on people.

I offer the following treatments.

Reiki Healing
Usui Reiki is an energy healing which can sent be to a person or situation at a distance. It can also be sent to a past or future time.

Our bodies communicate with us by feelings we get in the throat, chest, stomach and abdomen. Focusing is a way of listening to these feelings in a gentle and accepting way. This can result in insight, physical release and positive life changes.

Mirror Work.
We are all made up of many selves, the shy, the outgoing, the angry, the loving and many more. Many of these selves are hidden below the surface and we can use the mirror to communicate with any one of our selves. We can also use the mirror to communicate with whoso or what ever we desire. We are limited only by our imagination.

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